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Plastic Loose Fill Council

Call the Peanut Hotline: 800-828-2214 to find out where you can donate your packing peanuts.

In addition to promotion by the Plastic Loose Fill Council and catalog companies, the Peanut Hotline's toll-free number is listed in many recycling guides. Communities recognize the value of the reuse program. There are collection centers in every state, the Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico.

The reuse program offers a benefit to everyone involved. The public is given a convenient way to recycle loose fill. Collection centers report receiving enough loose fill to significantly reduce new packaging purchases and also report receiving new business through increased foot traffic.

Market research estimates that 30 percent of the loose fill produced each year is reused. This includes the Plastic Loose Fill Council's Peanut Hotline reuse program and extensive industrial reuse (companies unpack goods and reuse the packaging).