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Reduce Credit Card Offers

The most important step in reducing junk mail is to stay off the "junk mail list" in the first place. Be sure that when you sign up for services or products, you inform the company that you do not wish to receive solicitations from them and/or have your information shared with other companies.

Notify senders immediately if you receive unwanted mail, before they send you more. You can also return unopened junk mail to the sender by writing "Refused. Return to Sender." on the envelope.

There are companies that specialize in collecting and selling mailing lists. Write or call the following companies and ask to be placed in their "suppress" files:

Donnelley Marketing, Inc.
Database Operations
416 So. Bell Avenue
Ames, IA 50010

List Maintenance
901 West Bond
Lincoln, NE 68521

R. L. Polk & Company
Attn: Name Deletion File
List Compilation and Development
6400 Monroe Blvd.
Taylor, MI 48180-1814

Junk Mail Reduction information courtesy of the CIWMB. For more information visit their website.

Reduce Credit Card Offers from Equifax/ Trans Union/ Experion Bureaus. These three credit bureaus send out most of the unsolicited credit card offers.

To minimize receiving credit card promotions, call 888-5OPT-OUT or visit www.optoutprescreen.com. You will need to tell them your name, address and social security number. Your social security number is used to locate all variations of your name that appear on their mailing lists. The opt-out phone line and website is a result of the Fair Credit Reporting Act of 1996, designed to promote fairness, accuracy and privacy of information in the files of credit bureaus that gather and sell information about you. You will need to update every two years.