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Bottles and Cans


San Bruno Garbage Co., Inc. provides Single Stream Recycling for San Bruno residents. You have the convenience of putting your aluminum and bi-metal cans, glass bottles and jars, plastic bottles, and paper in the same container.
If you have extra paper to recycle, we ask that you put the paper in paper bags, and place inside or alongside the recycling bins. Please do not put any of your recyclables in plastic bags!

The more you recycle, the less garbage you generate. This might save you money, but even more importantly, it will save precious landfill space, natural resources, and help preserve our environment.

You may place the following materials into your recycle cart together:

All glass food and beverage jars and bottles such as fruit juice, mayonnaise and spaghetti sauce jars - all colors of glass are accepted. It is not necessary to remove labels or lids.

Put only narrow-neck plastic bottles in your recycling cart.

All metal food and beverage containers, including those made of aluminum, tin, steel and bi-metal, such as soda, pet food, soup and tuna cans. Lids and labels are okay.

Standard Paper: White Paper, Colored Paper, Computer Paper, and Envelopes
Chipboard/Paperboard: Cereal Boxes (remove liners), Cracker Boxes, and Gift Boxes
Glossy Paper: Magazines and Catalogs
Miscellaneous Paper: Junk Mail, Adhesive Notes, Paper Egg Cartons, Brown Paper Grocery Bags, and Wrapping Paper
Paperback Books: No hardbound books please
Corrugated Cardboard: All cardboard boxes must be broken down. If you have too much to fit into your recycle cart, please bundle with string in a separate pile no larger than 3 feet x 3 feet.
Phone Books: Put your old phone books in your recycling cart.

We collect AAA, AA, C, D, 9-volt and other small batteries, including camera and watch batteries. Place these batteries in a clear plastic bag and put on top of your recycling bins for collection. For more information about recycling batteries, call San Bruno Garbage Company at 650-583-8536 or the San Mateo County Household Hazardous Waste Program Hotline at 650-363-4718.

Paper dishware, napkins, facial tissue, paper towels, paper milk cartons, food bags, liners, juice boxes, and plastic bags.

Your yard waste is collected every other week. Use your green, 96-gallon container for yard waste only. Place grass clippings, leaves, and small branches in your green yard waste container.

Small branches should be cut into three-foot lengths or less.
Yard waste must fit inside toter and lid must be closed.

NO rocks, sod, dirt, concrete, ashes, asphalt, or building materials
NO stumps, tree trunks, or painted trees
NO trash or other garbage
NO palm fronds, poison ivy or poison oak, fruits, food scraps or vegetables
NO animal waste
NO bamboo
NO plastic bags

NOTE: Trucks can pick up yard waste toters weighing up to 150 pounds. Toters filled to capacity with some materials can exceed the weight limit and will not be emptied.

Recycle Packing Peanuts
Packing peanuts are not collected curbside. Please click here for more information.